donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Etienne Reijnders

 Touché (Shopping cart couch)

I will paint this amazing painting to hang above somebody’s couch, the painter said. I asked him, which couch? And everything went silent for a small moment. The best place for a masterpiece is above a couch he referred little later. So I asked him again which couch?. An uncomfortable silence followed shortly, where after he said, an amazing couch off course, course who would want to hang a masterpiece above a shit couch. Then I asked him what this amazing couch would look like, and again a brief moment of silence followed. It would be elegant, sleek, simple, hand built and unique in it’s kind.

Shoppaholic’s Throne

Let’s go shopping, she said, I knew I had to come along to stay out of trouble. We walked and walked, and saw every store there is to see. As usual we went back to the first shop, and bought what she actually didn’t need at all. Such a long day, time to sit down.

The day after

The day after, I still remember it vividly. The dust cleared, and the rubble appeared. The day after, the damage was done, everything changed. I couldn’t forget these pictures for all these years, but I knew I couldn’t have done anything to prevent, the day after. Steel structures remained, while so many lives where lost. For those who were, those left behind and all those who care, the day after, let the sun shine again, and let it finally be tomorrow again.


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